Why ASP.NET MVC framework

MVC framework provides a lot of benefits for web development. The main objectives of the framework are:

1. Separation of Concerns:  MVC provides a clean, organized and efficient organization of code. It is very helpful for a web application to scale in terms of functionalities and also promotes good design pattern.

2. URL Routing Mechanism: The routing mechanism of  MVC is more SEO friendly than Web Forms. URLs do not need to include file-based extensions (.aspx) any more. It has an efficient method based mechanism for routing as compared to a Web Forms file based mechanism.

3. Test Driven Development : With  MVC, we can easily create unit tests for our application. We can also take individual components and test them in isolation from the entire application. A TDD approach adds an additional layer of defense in our application against unexpected results and errors.

4. Extensible: The components of the MVC framework are designed so that they can be easily replaced or customized. By extensibility, we can swap out the built-in components with other /third party components. For example, the default view engine in MVC to render HTML is Razor but we have the option to use our own view engine for rendering the HTML.

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