Creating MVC Custom Helper Methods

Inline Helper Method: We can create inline helper method using @helper tag.

and once helper has defined, we can easily use in body as follow. <div> Here are the fruits: @ListArrayItems(ViewBag.Fruits) </div>

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ActionResult Types in MVC

ActionResult Types in MVC MVC Controller may have one or more method that have different type of result. ActionResults: It’s the base class of all result type and this an abstract class.  So as this is base class so it may have any below return type i.e  ViewResult, PartialViewResult and  JsonResult. Based on the requirement we […]

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Sql Server Identity and DBCC CHECKIDENT

Sql Server Identity and DBCC CHECKIDENT Identity are basically use generate autonumber for a columns in sql server table.

seed : The first row value that is inserted into table. increment: incremental value that is added to identity value of previous record.  Suppose we needed to set start value is 100 with increment of 5 i.e next […]

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Routing Concepts in Asp.Net MVC

MVC Routing Concept: MVC Routing is used to eliminate needs of mapping each URL with a physical file. Routing enable us to define URL pattern that maps to the request handler. This request handler can be a file or class. Each MVC application has at least one default route. ngConfig.png” alt=”Route Configuration” width=”911″ height=”425″ /> […]

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