Table variables Vs Temporary table

Table variables: It’s similar to local variable, they are used to hold small amount of data (around 500 rows) and available within the scope of the batch, stored procedure,  functions. Syntax for table variables:

The advantage of table variables over CTE is that they accessed during the entire batch or session.

Temporary tables: are […]

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What Is Concurrency Control?

What Is Concurrency Control? Concurrency Control : ensures that modifications made by one person do not adversely affect modifications that others make. There are two type of concurrency control in DBMS. Pessimistic : Pessimistic concurrency control locks data when data is read in preparation for an update. Other users cannot then perform actions that would alter the underlying data […]

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Sql Server Identity and DBCC CHECKIDENT

Sql Server Identity and DBCC CHECKIDENT Identity are basically use generate autonumber for a columns in sql server table.

seed : The first row value that is inserted into table. increment: incremental value that is added to identity value of previous record.  Suppose we needed to set start value is 100 with increment of 5 i.e next […]

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